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I came across a beautiful write up from pianist and composer Matthew Mayer who is a beautiful composer and a very creative and gifted pianist.  He has and was more than considerate in listening to Set on a Hill.  I couldn’t be more grateful.  Thank you Matthew.  Please, check out his music.  I promise you won’t be disappointed.  Below is his review, or just click HERE.

Chad Lawson’s – Set on a Hill

My wife and I have been listening to Chad Lawson’s “Set on a Hill” for the past several weeks. If I could describe this album, I would say the following.

“There are some CDs that touch you with little effort, and ‘Set on a Hill’ does just that!”

My immediate reaction to Chad’s CD was…”This guy has patience in his compositions!”  Most composers (myself included) have a tendency to “rush” the musical message we are trying to portray, or to “force” a musical statement that though fits, maybe not as naturally to the listener. Chad’s album speaks to you calmly, and at the same time, tells you a story.

After listening to the CD consistently, I am surprised that I do not get tired or restless with the melodies, nor do I find myself wanting to rush to the next stanza. The compositions keep me in the moment, and just when I relax, I hear a beautiful chord that opens the door to a new musical setting.

Besides the fact that my wife and I have been taking turns playing his CD in our respective cars, I can honestly say, this album is a gem. Stop by and check him out!

Matthew Mayer


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Dog Ears Music: Volume Eighty-Four by

Phil Ramone and Danielle Evin

I was honored to find a write up about Set on a Hill by legendary producer Phil Ramone and incredibly gifted singer/composer Danielle Evin.  Some very kind words from some people who shape the world of music.  I’m very fortunate.  Thank you both very much.

Set on a Hill

Set on a Hill

Gifted jazz pianist Chad Lawson was born in North Carolina in the mid-’70s. As a young man in Charlotte, he learned jazz-piano tradition under the wing of Don Brown (Jazz Messengers) and founded the Chad Lawson Trio. After cutting some vinyl and hitting the top 10 on the jazz charts, Lawson relocated to New York, where he studied with piano maestro Hal Galper (Chet Baker, Stan Getz). On the heels of dues paying with local bands and a world tour with Julio Iglesias, Lawson went back into the studio with a fresh batch of songs. Among his credits are film and TV work, including a track for Dawson’s Creek. The title “Promises Made on Signal Mountain,” from Lawson’s 2009 release Set on a Hill, produced by luminary William Ackerman, is a lullaby that swells with intricate elegance.