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A Day at the Office: Day 5 – Video Games Anyone?

My office has expanded into the netherworld! YES! Well….kind of. For Day 5 of “A Day at the Office” we visit the island of Panau. Don’t bother Mapquest-ing it, you’ll never find it. It’s like Lost, except …….well. There’s no Hurley there. (For those faithful followers of the television show Lost).

So, I have not touched a video game controller in like….15 years. Give or take a year or there. I don’t really have an addictive personality by any means, but from what I gather a video game would be a great place to start. It’s like ice cream, you never know how good it is until you try it. I’m an ice cream junkie….

All this to say, I had a call the other day from a music supervisor wanting to use one of my songs for a video game. Surprise! The song was written for a yoga compilation so the thought of how they would use it for a video game left me befuddled. But, as you’ll see, it actually worked out really well!

Keep in mind this is a video game….with a good amount of violence. Just so you know. He’s not a pacifist. Thanks for watching.