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Seattle, WA Performance

I have posted a number of videos from my recent performance in Seattle, WA at the Piano Haven Concert Series hosted by the beautiful pianist Joe Bongiorno. The first piece is unreleased and therefore I have not attached the name at this time.  Once the new album is released (Summer 2011) I will make this piece titled.  Enjoy and thanks for watching.

Unreleased – unreleased (Releasing Summer 2011)

Reflections – from Set on a Hill

Daniel’s Theme – unreleased (Releasing Summer 2011)

Set on a Hill– from Set on a Hill



Goofing off during Autumn Suite, Vol 1 Recordings

It’s a wonder that we were able to get anything done. This is a quick behind the scenes of our Autumn Suite recording session. Myself on piano, Troy Conn on guitar and the engineer is Chris Garges. Stay tuned, September 22nd, 2010.

Thanks for watching!


What’s Around the Corner

So I’ve had this idea for months now.  Piano & Percussion.  That’s it, nothing else.  Technically the piano is a percussive instrument so it makes complete sense.  In my town there is a renowned percussion that I’ve had lingering in my head ever since I downloaded this idea from the Gracious Lord above (thank you Lord).  So, the other day Jim Brock & I had some free time to explore.  We started with a theme and then just let the tape roll (well…digitally speaking).  This is a quick glimpse of what is to come.  I hope you enjoy!  cheers, chad.

A Little Warming Up

This past week I had the wonderful opportunity to perform a solo piano concert at the Atlantic Music Center in Melbourne, Fl. The venue is incredible, piano indescribable (a ridiculous Steingraeber & Söhne) and hosts are beyond hospitable. Three great things that are rarely married. Although I do have video of my performance (which I will post soon…I hope), I thought I would put this up first.

It’s the old standard “I’ve Got The World On a String” that I was playing around with. And even though my concerts are mostly solo piano in a mellow nature, I can’t help but to just sit and stretch out on some b9’s when I have the chance 😉 Especially on such an amazing piano. Thank you Brian & Ginny.