Video Diaries

Listed below you will see a diary of videos that I have posted over the last few months.  This video is from a recent performance in Seattle, WA at the Piano Haven Concert Series hosted by the beautiful pianist Joe Bongiorno. The piece is unreleased and therefore I have not attached the name at this time.  Once the new album is released (Summer 2011) I will make this piece titled.  Enjoy and thanks for watching.




Being a musician, I really don’t have an office with four walls.  Sometimes that’s good, sometimes ehh…not so much.  But, I do love the freedom that comes with it.  For the most part, I’m either at the piano or I’m at a Caribou Coffee.  So, I thought I would show you around some of my office spaces 🙂 Enjoy.  Here is Day One.

So this is my day two of the Day at the Office series. This is my favorite office. It’s more an addiction than it is an office. I have to watch myself and keep in check in the fact that there are more things to life than practicing. It’s life that makes the music. Do notice the lovely accompaniment of the dishwasher in the back

Day three of my Day at the Office series. Sometimes, a break is needed. Especially when I get NUMEROUS ‘sighs’ from underneath the piano. Either I’m playing it wrong (always possible) or there’s a VERY hairy four legged creature bored out of his gourd! So, play time.

Day four; technically not a “day” but more of a night.  For some reason or other, artists tend to enjoy the night time in terms of creativity.  I’ve never understood it, but I find it to be the case as well.  Here is day four.  It’s a piano solo from the John Coltrane tune “Moment’s Notice”.  I have the fortune of playing with a GREAT group in this video.  Ocie Davis (Drums), Troy Conn (Guitar), Ron Brendle (Bass) and Robert Parker (Percussion).  Enjoy!  (sorry it’s so dark!)

My office has expanded into the netherworld! YES! Well….kind of. For Day 5 of “A Day at the Office” we visit the island of Panau. Don’t bother Mapquest-ing it, you’ll never find it. It’s like Lost, except …….well. There’s no Hurley there. (For those faithful followers of the television show Lost).

So, I have not touched a video game controller in like….15 years. Give or take a year or there. I don’t really have an addictive personality by any means, but from what I gather a video game would be a great place to start. It’s like ice cream, you never know how good it is until you try it. I’m an ice cream junkie….

All this to say, I had a call the other day from a music supervisor wanting to use one of my songs for a video game. Surprise! The song was written for a yoga compilation so the thought of how they would use it for a video game left me befuddled. But, as you’ll see, it actually worked out really well!

Keep in mind this is a video game….with a good amount of violence. Just so you know. He’s not a pacifist. Thanks for watching.

As much as I love solo piano in the pseudo-classical setting, I’ve studied jazz for years and have released a few very successful jazz albums. One listener emailed asking if one of the albums happened to be available on vinyl. So, I figure that’s successful enough! Lol. Anyway, jazz is my heart and I find that it’s what fits the need when warming up. This is me warming up before a show in Florida.

Another day at the Office.  We’ll call this one Office Funny Face, because that’s pretty much what it is.  This is a VERY loose excerpt of Will, the opening song from Set on a Hill.  This is very different than the album’s take just fyi.  Hope you enjoy!  cl

What started out as a solo piano performance quickly turns into an improvised rendition of God Rest You Merry Gentleman with my trio. Completely off the cuff (as we do best) this really turned out beautiful. Glad we had the video rolling. Hope you like it.

The next two videos are from a concert I did with David Nevue. I played these pieces and then David played a few. I’m in the process of syncing the audio together and updating so do check back as to hearing the pieces better. Thanks for watching!

This is a preview of a new EP being released in May of 2010.  I’ll write more about it later, just wanted to post this.  Hope you enjoy.  Chad Lawson-piano & Jim Brock-percussion

    • snydorama
    • July 9th, 2009

    When your arm covers up your shorts, you look like you’re playing the piano naked.


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